About UV Tanning

We Are Ultraviolet Light

More than 90% of professional indoor tanning units emit 95% UVA and 5% UVB in regulated dosages similar to the summer sun. More importantly, Smart Tanning salons use carefully formulated exposure schedules based on your individual skin type to reduce your risk of sunburn.

We Are Sunburn Prevention

A suntan is more than just good-looking; its nature's way design to protect your skin from sunburn. Skin with a suntan is several times more resistant to sunburn, and a sunbed is a controlled way to get that protection.

We Are Vitamin D

Vitamin D is known as "The Sunshine Vitamin" because exposing our skin to the sun is the most abundant source of vitamin D production. One typical non-burning tanning session can produce as much vitamin D as 100 glasses of milk. Although indoor tanning is a cosmetic service, indoor tanners have vitamin D levels about 90 percent higher than the general population. 

We Are Beautiful

UV in moderation from both the sun and sunbeds can produce a beautiful, attractive tan. The difference is that sunbeds allow for much more control. This means tanners get that great looking tan with minimal risk of having uneven skin tones or worse, a sunburn.

We Are Alive 

There's a reason you look forward to the coming of spring and sunny summer days. Exposure to UV not only makes you look great, it also makes you feel great! By looking great you naturally feel better about yourself. But sunlight exposure can also lift our spirits in ways that go beyond a beautiful tan.