Spray Tanning With SUN YUR BUNZ!

Spray tanning is the perfect solution when you’re in a time crunch or have an upcoming special occasion you need to look great for. A natural-looking tan usually requires a few visits to the tanning salon, or even to the beach, but with spray tanning, all you need is one 2-3 minute session! Don’t be fooled – Spray tanning does not turn you orange or leave you with visible streaks. Those are the results of improper spray tanning applications and techniques. SOL US Tanning is proud to offer VersaSpa as your spray tanning solution.

Spray Tanning by VersaSpa

VersaSpa Pro tanning solution ensures that all areas of your body receive a uniform coverage of the spray tan in only the precise quantity needed to achieve a natural-looking tan. The booth itself is privately enclosed, so tanning in the nude is perfectly acceptable to ensure you receive the coverage you desire. By the time you step out of the booth, most of the spray tan should already be dry. Simply towel off the remaining moisture (which will not affect your tan!), and you’re ready to go!

Look your very best with a beautiful, healthy-looking tan without risking any sun damage. By spray tanning with VersaSpa instead of by UV rays, you protect your skin from possible burning, drying, and cracking. Spray tanning also provides the added convenience of a 2-3 minute session in a spacious booth rather than a 15 minute session under hot UV rays. For those opting for a sunless tanning solution, VersaSpa provides the easiest, most natural-looking spray tan.

Step Inside the future of Sunless

This is no ordinary sunless booth. VersaSpa combines innovation after innovation to transform your skin in just minutes. Bronze, Hydrate and Smooth fine lines in one session. Customize your tanning application by selecting one, or combing all three full-body treatments - a pre sunless pH balancing treatment, one of two sunless bronzing treatments, and a post-sunless super hydrating treatment. Enjoy the process as much as the results and relax, with a wide-open interior design.